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What People Say About Us

BVIS actively works with our parents to develop the school. Listening to our parents has ensured that we have been able to develop the school to meet their needs since we opened.

  • Mr Le Kim Binh
  • Stephanie
  • Paul-Murphy-Feedback|BVIS-Hanoi

Each year the school conducts a Parental Survey and we received some very good feedback from our most recent survey in March. As a school with a unique Bilingual curriculum it was very encouraging to know that 98.4% of respondents thought that the “school’s curriculum and programs reflect what the mission or philosophy says the school is trying to do” and 97.4% of parents “believe the curriculum meets my child’s needs.”

Leadership is a core foundation of the school and this was reflected in 95.1% of parents believing that the “School programs provide opportunities for students to learn leadership skills and to participate in community service.”

Our staff also took part in the survey and it is testament to our parents that 100% of staff thought “Students respect teachers” and “Students respect one another”.

98.5% of our parents also viewed the school as a “welcoming and friendly place”!


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