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Mr Mark Sayer Weekly Update 16th October

Over the last few days, the principals of the worldwide network of schools and the Executive Committee have been meeting for a vision and strategy collaboration.

  • Principal update 20151016
  • NAE executive meeting 201510016

Making use of the excellent Les Martinets, the outdoor adventure centre in Switzerland that belongs to Nord Anglia and available for use by all students within the Nord Anglia Group of schools, we have been further exploring what it means to be part of a group committed to excellence and ambitious for the students, staff, parents and communities associated with our schools.

We have been doing what our students do - learning together.  It is an impressive group of people.  But it has been, as all good education should be, great fun, challenging, stimulating and stretching.  It is not often all principals get together like this.  But what an excellent way to share best practice, as each school individually and collectively examines its purpose and mission to bring the highest quality learning environment to everybody involved in our schools.

I am greatly heartened.  The experience and passion is clearly there.  As the world develops and changes, there is a growing need for the creation of an educational offering that fully equips our students with the tools they need.  Not only will they need knowledge but increasingly they will need strong values and adaptability to meet the changes and challenges wherever they are in the world, as they develop into mature, compassionate and able adults.  This really is an exciting time to be in education.  I count it my privilege to be working for Nord Anglia Education and for the betterment of all of our students.

I have missed the special young people we have in our school in the British Vietnamese International School but remain convinced of their quality and potential and for the huge life enhancing experiences we are giving them here in Hanoi.  There is much to celebrate in our short journey so far.  There is much still to do.  There is nowhere right now that I would rather be than helping shape an outstanding school for our students, staff, parents and wider community.  I, and all our staff, will continue to need your support as we move forward.  But what a journey we can have together!

I wish you a very happy half term break.

Mr Mark Sayer - Principal of BVIS Hanoi

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