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Year 8 Trip to Mai Chau

This week, year 8 spent the week in Mai Chau. On Tuesday, we went to visit a local school. 

  • Y8 BVIS to Mai Chau 2015
  • Y8 BVIS to Mai Chau 2015 (1)
  • Y8 BVIS to Mai Chau 2015 (10)
  • Y8 BVIS to Mai Chau 2015 (6)
  • Y8 BVIS to Mai Chau 2015 (4)
  • Y8 BVIS to Mai Chau 2015 (5)
  • Y8 BVIS to Mai Chau 2015 (3)
  • Y8 BVIS to Mai Chau 2015 (9)
  • Y8 BVIS to Mai Chau 2015 (7)
  • Y8 BVIS to Mai Chau 2015 (8)

During the visit we played some team-building games and then the local students taught our students a dance. Some of the BVIS students donated gifts to the school. It was a very successful visit and we hope that we will have more opportunities to work with the school again!

On Wednesday and Thursdays students divided their time between three activities; rock climbing, the ‘bamboo challenge’ and a trek in the Pu Luong Valley. The trek started from the village of Ban Hang. Mr Hieu, who is the geography teacher in the local school, led the trek in this magical remote valley, talking to us about the traditions of white Thai community including a fable about friendship. He helped us have a better understanding of the life of local people. He also talked to the students about the environment and shared his enjoyment of nature. In Mai Chau, the students had a unique chance to climb on natural rock, a rare opportunity in Vietnam.  All succeeded, showing great determination! The bamboo challenge enabled students to work as a team through a series of activities that were then judged on Friday Morning during our Mai Chau Olympic games.

This was a fantastic week. We enjoyed watching students helping each other, trying out new skills, testing their fitness. They certainly all showed perseverance and care for each other!

Mrs Sarah Wild - Head of Secondary

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