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Mrs Sarah Wild Weekly Update 2nd October

This week there has been a chance for students in Secondary to spend time with their house members. 

  • Secondary Update 20151002
  • House Benchball 20151002
  • House Hanoi 20151002
  • House Hue 20151002
  • House Dalat 20151002
  • House Saigon 20151002
  • Volleyball Girls BVIS 20151002
  • Y7 Open Morning 20151002

During the week at lunchtimes, students have taken part in a Benchball house competition. In Year 7, Hue came first, in Year 8/9 it was Hanoi. This was great fun and a good start to the house competitions this year. We look forward to many more house events, such as the Christmas market, Spelling Bee, the House Public Speaking Competition, to name only a few events which will take place. This morning, we ended the week with house assemblies so that the new Heads of Houses had a chance to bond with their teams and create an identity and some clear objectives for the year, including ideas for charity work. It was also announced that the Year 11 students will be able to stand for House Captain positions, which will be a new exciting role in the school.

The Key Stage 4 volleyball fixtures also took place on Monday night. After the highs of beating UNIS last week, our Key Stage 4 boys and girls teams both faced off against BIS. The Boys’ BIS team came at us with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm which we were just not prepared for. We started well but as time wore on we faded, as they got stronger and louder, we went into our shell. Sport can do a great many things for you as a person. Building character is one of them. The way the boys’ team bounces back will show the character of the team. The girls on the other hand ground out a hard fought victory. With the game tied at 1-1, it could have gone either way. Holding their nerve on the tough points was pivotal to their success, and when it came down to it, they got over the line as winners. An excellent performance full of courage and endeavour! A huge thanks to all the PE staff and to Mr Jon Leak who has put in much of his time to assist the PE department for which the PE team is very thankful.

On Wednesday, it was a pleasure to see so many Year 7 parents come to our first Secondary Open Morning. It was a wonderful opportunity for tutors to get to know parents a little better. Clearly your children were also very excited to have the chance to take you round the school and introduce you to their teachers! We hope you enjoyed it as much as they!

I look forward to meeting the Year 7 parents at 17:00 and Year 8 parents at 18:00 on 7th October for a trip information meeting and we very much look forward to meeting you then. Please note that the Year 7 and Year 8 residential trips will run from 13th to 16th October. It is the school expectation that all students will attend.

Mrs Sarah Wild - Head of Secondary

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