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Mr Nicholas West Weekly Update 11th December

Citius, Altius, Fortius. Faster, Higher, Stronger are what these Latin words tell us to be during any Olympic Games. 

  • BVIS Primary update 20151211
  • BVIS Hanoi sports day KS2 20151211 (8)
  • BVIS Hanoi sports day KS2 20151211 (16)
  • BVIS Hanoi sports day KS2 20151211 (26)
  • BVIS Hanoi sports day KS2 20151211 (38)
  • BVIS Hanoi sports day KS2 20151211 (43)

This is what all our Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) children aimed to do this Monday during their Sports’ Day. There is also an Olympic oath made by all athletes in the Special Olympics which states. ‘Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.’ This surmises the notion of sportsmanship, of giving your best, trying your hardest but accepting if you do not win. Not everyone can win, but in a competitive sporting event, someone always does.

The House spirit we saw at this event was tremendous with so much encouragement for team mates and even cheers and applause for incredible acts. For example, Ky Uy’s throw with the foam Javelin was nearly two metres longer than any other child in school, a new KS2 sports day record of 14.7 metres, giving him the gold medal and Hue more points but every child applauded this endeavour. There was so much more evidence of children wanting to win but supporting their friends, House and each other. The atmosphere was fantastic and we even had parents joining their Houses and passionately singing the House chants; well done, parents!

For the first time ever we had a draw, with Hanoi and Hue completely equal after all the events. As mentioned earlier, there has to be a winner so we had to decide by who had the most gold medals.  On this occasion it was Hanoi. Congratulations Hanoi! This makes it three different House winners in the three years we have run this event, I wonder if Saigon will win next year making it one Sports’ Day each?

Mr Nicholas West – Head of Primary

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