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Year 4's residential trip to La Ferme Du Colvert

Last Thursday (12 March), Year 4 went on our first ever residential trip, the destination La Ferme Du Colvert.  This is an eco-farm and resort in Hoa Binh.

  • Year 4 BVIS Hanoi
  • Year 4 BVIS Hanoi
  • Year 4 BVIS Hanoi
  • Year 4 BVIS Hanoi
  • Year 4 BVIS Hanoi
  • Year 4 BVIS Hanoi
  • Year 4 BVIS Hanoi
  • Year 4 BVIS Hanoi
  • Year 4 BVIS Hanoi
  • Year 4 BVIS Hanoi

The goal was for the children to have a greater understanding of where the food they eat each day comes from and of what daily life on an eco-farm looks like and maybe, just maybe, have some fun on the way.

On arrival, our first activity was to use ingredients both grown on the farm and bought at the local market to make delicious Nem, which we quickly and gladly devoured. It always impresses me how quickly the children learn new skills. Rolling Nem was no exception, as was clearly shown by the improvement from first Nem to last.

The afternoon activities included feeding farm animals, tending to the farm’s vegetable garden and my favourite; picking tea. The activities gave children a good understanding of what happens on a farm and showed them how it can be physically quite hard!

We finally settled down to a delicious meal, some campfire performances from the children, and a bit of down time before lights out. The children had behaved beautifully the whole trip, and this is where they really demonstrated their maturity. Despite the potential nerves of sleeping away from parents and the excitement of sharing a room with friends, the children settled down to bed and were asleep in no time.  All that hard farm life must have tired them out!

We were up early on Friday to continue our activities; using natural materials to create logos for La Ferme Du Colvert, to leave behind for the local school. Before we knew it, it was time to head back home to Hanoi feeling more rested and happy than any school trip known to man.

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