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Mr Mark Sayer Weekly Update 26th June

This week's letter, the last of the school year, comes to you from Hong Kong where I have been this week with fellow Principals from the BIS Group, from Cambodia and China and other members of specialist teams from Nord Anglia Education.  

  • BVIS Hanoi weekly update 26 June
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It has been a fascinating few days of induction for principals new to Nord Anglia, and represented an excellent opportunity to engage with the top echelons of the leadership team there, to hear their vision, philosophy and practice.  I came away feeling encouraged still further by what was heard. The business principles are very strong the teams passionate about what they do and committed to strong growth and even stronger out ones for the students. I am aware that I have said this before but there was an even more palpable sense of drive, direction and commitment for the schools and the students within them.  I have no doubt that it will be an exciting time ahead.

This week will have been a time of great celebration, and whilst my time in Hong Kong has been rewarding, I have missed some key events in the school calendar.  I did have the pleasure of listening to and witnessing some of the rehearsals for the Key Stage 2 play, Robin Hood.  The numbers of children involved was testament to the commitment and skill of the teaching staff who brought together such diverse talents in such a short period of time.  Colourful, accomplished, entertaining; I cannot say how disappointed I was not to experience their skills firsthand.

This week too sees us say farewell to a number of teachers.  I wrote a letter about them all last week which I hope parents have had a chance to read, and to hear of the excellent new staff we have joining.  I encourage you to read the letter on the portal if you have not had a chance to do so.  I am very grateful to them all and wish them all the very best as they prepare to move onto new ventures in the UK and elsewhere in the world.  It is always a time of transition but we know what we are looking for and how to create a first class academic offer to parents and students.  I have no doubt at all that next year will be even brighter and fuller than this year.

Have a great summer break!

Mr Mark Sayer - Principal of BVIS Hanoi - Royal City Campus

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