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Year 5's IPC topic: Champions for Change

Champions for Change – this is the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) topic that Year 5 is just coming to the end of. They held their fantastic exit point for parents today.

  • Y5 International Primary Curriculum on Leadership (1)
  • Y5 International Primary Curriculum on Leadership (2)

The topic is designed so children can learn about how government is organized with a particular focus on the UK and Vietnam. It has been particularly well-timed this year as the children were able to watch and learn from an actual general election which recently took place in the UK in May. The children have been extremely excited and they have led debates and discussions, forming and naming 5 political parties of their own. Each party wrote a manifesto and a speech for the party and they have designed campaign leaflets and badges. We have had many positive comments from the parents about the discussions this has led to at home with their children and they can really see them gaining knowledge as they become our future leaders and global citizens.

You can see the different parties on the Year 5 blog where the winner will also be announced. The parties are represented by Sophie (International Sports Party) trying to get people fit and the Vietnam soccer team into the World Cup Finals; Nam Hung (Vietnamese Traffic Party) attempting to reduce traffic jams; Tuan Phong (Vietnamese Nationalist Communist Party) who wants everyone to have the same hospital treatment irrelevant of their wealth and equality for all; Duc Anh (Vietnamese National Party) who thinks we should respect the environment and help the poor and also Hoang (Labour) stating we should upgrade hospitals and schools and find work for all.

Who would you vote for?

Tuan Phong (Vietnamese Nationalist Communist Party)'s manifestos:

- Make sure everyone gets the same treatments in hospitals no matter how much they pay.

- Donate money to poor people so they get the same education as wealthy people.

- Make people treat each other equally so there is less violence.

Sophie (International Sports Party)'s manifestos:

- Get Vietnam's football team into the World Cup.

- Make people in Vietnam healthier by raising money to build more sports fields.

- Make Vietnam's football team skilled.

Nam Hung (Vietnamese Traffic Party)'s manifestos:

- Make sure there are less cars and motorbikes on the road and introduce electric cars.

- Get rid of buses and have an electric sky train.

- Build more highways so there are less traffic jams.

Duc Anh (Vietnamese National Party)'s manifestos:

- Keep building construction safer and prettier.

- Respect the environment by making it cleaner.

- Help the poor by giving them money for life.

Hoang (Labour)'s manifestos:

- Raise money and give clothes to poor people.

- Find work for anyone who is jobless.

- Upgrade hospitals and schools.

Mr Nicholas West - Head of  Primary

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