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Introducing our new Primary Heads of House

The House system is an integral part of our pastoral care program for your children. Each week the children try and emulate the 6 aspects of the Aide Memoire, to be good global citizens, to gain House Points for the House they are assigned to. 

  • BVIS Primary House system

In our weekly assembly the children wait excitedly to discover just who has been the winning house that week. We are all part of the BVIS Hanoi family but the house system adds another layer for the children to belong to. They have a strong allegiance to their own house and it is incredible to see the pride they have supporting it. This system also teaches key lessons in sportsmanship and integrity as not every house can win. Throughout the year many events are held; artistic, charitable and sporting and these would not run without the energy and enthusiasm of the House Leaders in each House.

Ashley Sutton – New leader of Saigon House. Mr. Sutton is a keen sportsman and participates in Jiu-Jitsu to a high level, a skill that he has been teaching to many of the children during ECAs (Extra-curricular activities). He cannot wait for the first events and to meet his House so he can try and guide them to victory.

Mrs. Diep – Diep has taken over the leadership of Hue and is extremely enthusiastic to drive Hue to victory. She has great creativity and so we are sure Hue will perform extremely well in our artistic and dramatic challenges.
Katie Evans-Winkley – Katie is in her second year as leader of Hanoi this year and is relishing the opportunity to develop her team from last year and make it even better. Katie invented the House Art competition last year designing the Tet trees. Hanoi were always in contention last year and so Katie is keen to ensure this trend continues.
Ms. Hang – New leader of Dalat, Ms. Hang is a dedicated member of Dalat, now in her second year supporting this House. Ms. Hang is very competitive and so will give all her effort to supporting the team spirit of Dalat and enhancing some of their historic sporting results.

All of our new House Leaders are aiming to win but behind all this is a strong desire to develop the independence and positive competitive nature of your children. They will always need to work as part of a team and cooperate whilst wanting to achieve and succeed; the House system is a great platform for this. Good luck to all our houses this year and to the new staff leading them.

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