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Interview With New PE Teachers

Interviewed by Gia Khanh and Giang in 9B

  • New PE teachers BVIS Hanoi

1. How do you motivate students who do not actively participate?

Ms Alicia Smith: I try to encourage them and explain the importance of Physical Education.

Mr Perry Wild: I create an environment where it is ok to make mistakes.

2.  Why did you come to Vietnam?

Mr Perry Wild: I wanted a new challenge and also make the biggest difference to the school.

Ms Alicia Smith: I want to work with a school that has great potential.

3.  What do you like about the school?

Ms Alicia Smith: Both the staff and the students are friendly. Everybody is friendly here.

Mr Perry Wild: Everyone is happy and they enjoy the school.

4.  What will you do if the lesson didn't go well?

Ms Alicia Smith: I will change the activity slightly but it still practices the same skill.

Mr Perry Wild: I will try and explain it differently and if they don't understand, I will modify it.

5.  What is your role as a PE teacher?

Ms Alicia Smith: I want to increase the number of participation in sport and also help students to learn about a healthy lifestyle when they leave the school.

Mr Perry Wild: I want to make everybody love sport and also better at it.

6.  How long have you been a PE teacher?

Ms Alicia Smith: This is my 3rd year as a PE teacher. I have also been a swimming teacher for 5 years.

Mr Perry Wild: This is my 6th year of teaching. Before this, I had been coaching football in America.

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