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Volleyball Game Against UNIS

We knew the game against UNIS was going to be our biggest test. They are the team that went a whole season without being beaten by anyone in the league or finals. 

  • Volleyball BVIS vs UNIS 20150925 (1)
  • Volleyball BVIS vs UNIS 20150925 (2)
  • Volleyball BVIS vs UNIS 20150925 (3)
  • Volleyball BVIS vs UNIS 20150925 (4)
  • Volleyball BVIS vs UNIS 20150925 (5)
  • Volleyball BVIS vs UNIS 20150925 (6)
  • Volleyball BVIS vs UNIS 20150925 (7)

The BVIS students were committed and focussed and thoroughly deserved their 2-1 win over UNIS. The game started slowly with both teams making mistakes, but a good run of serves from Bob (Y11) brought us back into the game. We narrowly clinched the 1st game 26-24 with some good work at the net from Hoang (Y10). The second game we started well again taking a 14-6 lead, however they had their best player on serve and we found it difficult to contain him. They had a 7 point run-streak without reply. UNIS ended up taking the game 25-22.  The third set was also closely fought; consistency in keeping the ball alive and hitting the right areas of the court helped us build a score. Although down by 3 points a good run on service from Kien (Y10) brought us back into contention, and we eventually saw the game out 15-13 therefore winning the match. A special mention must to go Anton (Y11) who played with consistency and intelligence and Duy (Y10) who was exceptional on defence and kept the ball alive when most could not, including an overhead kick from outside the court!

Mr Perry Wild - Physical Education Teacher

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