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Council of International Schools Membership Visit 2015

I have pleasure in reporting the successful outcome to the first of a number of visits in pursuit of full accreditation to one of the most significant accreditation bodies for international schools.

  • CIS member BVIS Hanoi
  • Graham Ranger CIS visited BVIS

BVIS Hanoi has been granted membership of The Council of International Schools (CIS). Some of the strengths identified in our application included:

  • very good resources and high quality levels of school facilities;
  • an attractive, well-maintained physical environment for learning and learners;
  • highly committed and energetic teaching staff, offering students varied, interesting and challenging learning opportunities;
  • a full commitment to intercultural learning and to bilingual education;
  • commitment to the BVIS mission, vision and values;
  • effective administrative systems, supporting teaching and learning;
  • high ethical values in all spheres of operations;
  • robust policies and procedures, well supported by the BIS group, and
  • established and effective governance.

The lead inspector commented on the next steps in the process, with an expectation for each CIS member school to begin the CIS accreditation process within two years of becoming a CIS member. We will be holding the Pre-Accreditation 4 day visit in early December 2015 and will then commence in January 2016 the accreditation process to full certification by the end of Term 3 in 2017.  Areas identified for us to consider in the intervening period include:

  • defining standards in Vietnamese and demonstrating those standards language to all constituents;
  • developing learning opportunities to engage with Vietnamese culture, to enrich further the bilingual and bicultural education of the school;
  • communicating the plan for expansion into the new Primary Building in 2016-17.

We were warmly congratulated on our commitment to the shared vision held by CIS school members around the world – a patent desire to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens and a commitment to high quality education and sustainable school improvement.

Full membership that has been conferred upon us now gives access to the full range of CIS programmes and services including:

  • the pursuit of the award of International Accreditation, a school improvement process achieved through peer review and evaluation;
  • the world-wide recruitment and selection of educational staff via their Educator Recruitment and Leadership Search Services;
  • university Admission and Guidance Counselling support through their Higher Education division; and
  • collaboration and networking opportunities with international educators around the world.

I am sure you will join me in congratulating the staff and students on this significant achievement.

With all best wishes.

Mr Mark Sayer - Principal of BVIS Hanoi

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