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Promoting Community Service

The British Vietnamese International School, Hanoi has a core commitment to the all-round development of each child. 

  • Promoting Community Service
  • 3 types of community projects

Through a range of planned community service and fund raising activities the school will provide appropriate opportunities for the students to develop a respectful and caring sense of social responsibility towards other people and the environment on both a local and global scale.

Promoting Community Service

Projects are currently being developed for both primary and secondary schools.

The expectation is that our students give time, energy and commitment to benefit others and ideally we will help them with proceeds of any fund raising activities supporting the projects which involve our students.

We have 3 types of community project


Everyone loves animals!  Well, almost everyone!

We will be looking at how to care for animals in our community, also raising awareness on endangered species both here in Vietnam and across the world.


Teaching our students about the environment helps them to respect the planet.  They will learn to take responsibility for all their actions and using integrity they will become global citizens, caring for the planet on which we all live.  These are some of the attributes that we look for and expect at BVIS and the programme being put together now supports the work already done through our Aide Memoire.


We aim to make links with various organisations which become known as our community partners.  Our community partners may be from orphanages, from charities involving disabled children or from other schools.  We believe it is very important that our students have the opportunity to make friends and communicate with other children.  Learning together benefits both the school and our community partners forging lasting friendships and awareness.

Benefits for the Students Involved

The school believes that involvement in community service activities will assist in the development of the following personal qualities:

  • Social responsibility
  • Care, kindness and compassion
  • Respect and tolerance
  • Leadership and problem solving skills
  • Personal confidence
  • Cultural understanding
  • Humility
  • Personal satisfaction and pride
  • Self-esteem

I look forward to updating you on projects as they become established and I would like to welcome any parents who are interested in supporting our initiatives.  I can be contacted on the following email address kevhalpin@bvishanoi.com.

Mr Kevin Halpin - Community Service Officer

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