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David Bowie - A True Legend

This week has seen one of Britain’s most pioneering and influential performers of modern times, David Bowie, sadly pass away.

  • David Bowie
  • Heroes David Bowie cover

David is most famously known as a musician but his influence covered a variety of media such as art, design and film.  David rise from humble beginnings to become one of the world’s leading artists is testament to my belief that with hard work and a little talent that there is nothing that you cannot achieve in life.

As I Reflected upon David’s work I also came to recognise that many of the qualities that set him apart as an artist is what we are trying to achieve at BVIS. David was a real innovator in developing new forms of music and was always challenging himself by reinventing his style of music. David’s passion and creativity meant that he never took the easy option and was not afraid to take risks. Leadership is a theme that I often speak about in my Weekly Newsletter and it has never been more appropriate than when applied to David Bowie. There are not enough words to describe David Bowie’s life so I would encourage you to explore his work starting with the video below.

(click the Youtube thumbnail link to "Heroes" song)

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