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  • Economics

Economics is maybe the most powerful subject one can learn at school. It draws on the social sciences of Law, Sociology, Psychology and History to provide the student with an understanding of how and why individuals, firms and governments behave in the way they do and how this influences the flow of money, goods and services around the world.
Economics is an extremely desirable International A Level, welcomed by every leading University in the world. An Economics Degree from a good University will open doors at some of the best companies in the world too, many World Leaders and top CEOs studied Economics at school and university. Graduate career prospects and starting salaries are the amongst the best for any graduates leaving University.
All of these positives come at a cost though, Economics is not easy - in fact, if you asked any of the current Y12 students studying AS Economics to describe it in one word, chances are they would say 'HARD'! There are a lot of graphs, complex numbers and abstract concepts which all require hard work to master.
Providing challenge to some of the brightest students in the school is extremely rewarding as it reinforces their mathematics, develops analytical skills and establishes an understanding of some of the most complex issues faced by humanity.

Christopher Dale - Head of Economics and Business

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