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F3 Trip to Kizciti

On Thursday, 25 February, the F3 class took a trip to Kizciti in Royal City. 

  • F3 BVIS visit kizciti (4)
  • F3 BVIS visit kizciti (7)
  • F3 BVIS visit kizciti (1)
  • F3 BVIS visit kizciti (2)
  • F3 BVIS thăm kizciti (3)
  • F3 BVIS thăm kizciti (5)
  • F3 BVIS thăm kizciti (6)

We went on the trip as a way to help children further develop their communication and language, sharing abilities and also to have a chance to use their imagination in a variety of settings. The children roleplayed in the following settings: an airplane, a firestation (they even got to ‘put out a fire’ using real water!), Vietnam government office and they even had the opportunity to sing a song on stage. The girls of F3V put on a wonderful performance of ‘Let it Go’, as sung in the film ‘Frozen’. The F3 class cannot wait to go on another trip this year. We must say a big ‘thank you’ to all of our parents that were able to come along and support us on this adventure.

Ms Genevieve Close - F3 Teacher

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