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Since September, in the Primary section we have been running an ‘Eco Warrior’ programme, in which our fiercely dedicated eco-warriors patrol the classrooms and ensure energy is being used responsibly.

  • Eco-Warriors BVIS
  • BVIS electricity consumption

Class teachers are ‘fined’ for infractions, such as leaving the lights on with nobody in the classroom or having air-conditioning on with the door open, and the winner is announced each week.

The difference around the Primary classroom has been marked, as you can see from the graph below!

But even more importantly, the attitude of the children has changed so much; they are so much more aware of the issue of not wasting electricity and are passionate about doing what they can to help our environment.

“After we started eco-warriors, I told my family about it and we made a plan at home too. Whoever has the least fines on the weekend gets a reward and whoever has the most fines will have to do some housework!”

-Van Anh, Year 5 (Eco-warrior-in-chief)

We are discussing plans to roll out a similar programme in Secondary and I’m excited about the potential difference we can make, and to see the children carry this on with them into their futures!

Mr Kevin Halpin - Community Service Officer

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