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Mr Nicholas West Weekly Update 29/4/2016

This week has to all be about International Week and developing the children’s global perspective, and what an exciting week we have had. 

  • BVIS Hanoi International Primary School (20160429)
  • International Week Primary BVIS Hanoi 2016 (1)
  • International Week Primary BVIS Hanoi 2016 (2)
  • International Week Primary BVIS Hanoi 2016 (3)
  • International Week Primary BVIS Hanoi 2016 (4)

Underpinning a lot of the learning has been a growing awareness about climate change and the effects this can have globally and in Vietnam in the future.

We were very luck to host Ms Lan, a teacher from BVIS HCMC, who has recently returned from Antarctica and was with us to share her knowledge and experience. The expedition she participated in was part of a scientific investigation that is undertaken regularly by Professor Robert Swan. The expedition is entitled 2041 as this is the year when the worldwide agreement of protecting Antarctica runs out. You can find out more about his work here.

The children learnt so much from Lan’s visit and had some thoughtful and stimulating questions to ask; they really showed they cared about protecting Vietnam’s future and, as future leaders, we believe they can. Thank you to all the parents who also came to ask questions and find out about her journey and it was lovely to see you all helping your children complete their Passport questions. We must also thank the Year 5 and 6 children who helped the Year 1 and 2 children complete their passports if a family member was not able to attend for them. This is really early leadership.

Just walking through all the passport countries was amazing, to see all the work that had been going on and even trying some Hula dancing, in F1 and F2, as they told me all about Hawaii, Aloha! F3 learnt all about the castles and mythical creatures of Scotland, as well as enjoying a visit from a Scotsman, Mr Angus McKee, our Secondary Science teacher, who introduced them to traditional dress by wearing a Kilt and reciting a famous poem by Robert Burns; very cultural. Y1 discovered Finland and its great lakes and were fascinated that throughout the summer, most of the days have just daylight and in the winter their days are mainly complete darkness. How different life would be living like this.  Just imagine…

Year 2 learnt about Italy and they loved creating salads and pasta to enjoy an Italian feast. Y3 have been to Nepal, comparing the life of a child at school in Vietnam and in Nepal and they have also learnt of one of the first two men to climb Mount Everest, Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, in 1953. The Korean students in Y4 have been teaching the other children all about South Korea and did an incredible job of this, researching and presenting and teaching the children new things. Y5 have learnt about ancient Mexico and the land of the ancient Aztecs. They created their own Aztec gods but the children, especially Sinh Quan, were rather horrified at the stories of human sacrifice. Finally, Y6 were in Ghana and creating their own patterns and printing blocks to make ‘Kante’, a traditional Ghanaian dress. You will have seen some of these this afternoon. Mr. Barney also introduced the children to a new instrument, the Kashaka, that you can see being played here.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Reunification Day celebrations tomorrow. We look forward to seeing the children again next Wednesday, 4th May.

Mr Nicholas West – Head of Primary

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