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Year 4 Trip to Vietnamese Museum of Ethnology

On Tuesday 10th May, Year 4 embarked on a visit to the Vietnamese Museum of Ethnology. 

  • Year 4 museum of Ethnology (5)
  • Year 4 museum of Ethnology (2)
  • Year 4 museum of Ethnology (3)
  • Year 4 museum of Ethnology (4)
  • Year 4 museum of Ethnology (6)
  • Year 4 museum of Ethnology (7)

I love this museum and have visited several times on my own! It’s fascinating to visit the real-life homes of real-life people. The homes have been donated by the owners, deconstructed in the villages in which they were used, transported to Hanoi before finally being rebuilt at the museum! Often times the museum invites members of the village community to travel with the home to rebuild it themselves. This ensures that the homes are built in the traditional style. What a fantastic feat, and an amazing thing for the children to be able to explore right here in Hanoi.

The children had a fantastic day and learnt a lot about how differently people live all over their very own country. Some even decided they would like to live in these traditional homes themselves; however some decided they would miss electricity too much to make the move.

Mr Ashley Sutton - Year 4 Teacher

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