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Mr Nicholas West Weekly Update 17/6/2016

In an earlier HUB article, we recognised the increasing participation of children playing musical instruments during Primary assemblies.

  • BVIS Hanoi Primary International School (20160617)
  • BVIS Primary Music Talents (1)
  • BVIS Primary Music Talents (2)
  • BVIS Primary Music Talents (3)
  • BVIS Primary Music Talents (4)

Susan Pogson, our Music teacher, has been asked every day since then to allow different children to play and sing during the times the whole school comes together in celebration. It is fantastic to see the children overcome any performance worries they may have had and to have the confidence to play in front of their peers.   Radio 1, a famous UK radio station, has what is known as a ‘Live Lounge’. This is where famous musicians go into the studio and sing and perform other people’s songs. These are so popular that albums have been released and sold millions worldwide. Because we have too many children to participate in the remaining assemblies this academic year we have introduced our very own ‘Live Lounge’ sessions. On Wednesday lunch times, we attract great audiences who come and enjoy the different music on offer. This week, Year 6 had some superb piano playing, at a very high musical level, and some relaxed guitar playing accompanied by a song about friendship; it was very cool! Who knows, we may be listening to downloads of your children’s music in the future. Next week, sees the Secondary music competition but I cannot wait for the Primary one during Term 1 of next year. We have seen some amazing talent already and it appears to be getting stronger all the time. Do keep encouraging your children over the summer to practice and improve their musical skills.

We finished this week with further displays of great talent and evidence of hard work. The event will take place after writing this but after all the auditions and rehearsals; we know ‘BVIS Year 1-4 Has Talent’ will have been an amazing show. The crowd will have been entertained with an incredible variety of performances and maybe been inspired to try something new themselves. Each of the classes in Years 1-4 also performed, so every child has had the opportunity to be on stage with their friends. We also saw some wonderful talent from some teachers; do ask your children about it! We look forward to seeing many of you next week to celebrate 3 years of the school being open, followed by the Secondary music competition. In the meantime, have a great weekend.

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