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Primary Weekly Update 23/09/16 from Mr Nicholas West

  • BVIS Hanoi Primary 20160923 (1)
  • BVIS Hanoi Primary 20160923 (2)
  • BVIS Hanoi Primary 20160923 (3)
  • BVIS Hanoi Primary 20160923 (4)
  • BVIS Hanoi Primary 20160923 (5)

Each week we have a staff meeting with varying focal points, including training staff with new initiatives or resources, focusing on our school development or simply to check we are using systems and structures consistently throughout the school. This week’s focus was communication; how improved communication and openness between staff and colleagues, a willingness to listen and share with trust and honesty, will lead to improved student outcomes. When every member of staff has all the information they need and they all believe in the same shared vision and values, then everyone is working together to achieve the same goal. When this happens, there is a real power of engagement in the school with enquiry and disclosure of information between everyone. This is powerful communication by strong teams and we discussed how we can be better at this.

The model discussed, the Johari Window, has four quadrants comparing information and communication. Successful outcomes for children, or indeed in business, happen when information is known to you and to others, this is the arena quadrant. Anything unknown to yourself and unknown to others is called the unknown quadrant and the place we would least like to be.  If it is known to you but not to others then we call this the hidden quadrant and this is when you need to disclose information rather than keeping it to yourself – why would you not? The final quadrant is where information is known to others but not to yourself, the blind-spot quadrant. This is a crucial area between school and parents as we want to share as much information effectively with you and we are focusing hard to find ways to reduce your, or indeed our, ‘blind-spot’.

As a community, we need to be open, honest and caring and share our information together for the success of our school, for the success of your children. We are always open to suggestions so please do communicate with us as often as possible. Have a great weekend.

Mr Nicholas West – Head of Primary

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