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Primary Weekly Update 13/10/2017 from Mr Nicholas West

  • truong-mam-non-quoc-te-bvis-hanoi
  • Liz_Million-nghe-si-truyen-tranh-tham-bvis-hanoi
  • Liz-Million-tham-truong-quoc-te-anh-viet-hano
  • ngay-le-ve-tinh-ban-bvis-hanoi
  • hoc-sinh-tieu-hoc-bvis-hanoi

What a truly memorable week we have had.  It has been extremely busy, but full of fun and learning! This week’s main focus has been our ‘Friendship and Anti-Bullying Week’, organised by our PSHE coordinators, Ms Erin and Ms Huong in Year 6. Whilst we have given the children the true explanation of the meaning of bullying, ‘repeated actions against an individual over a period of time’, our focus has been completely on friendship and how we can be good friends. Hopefully with these tools to use, the children can report if they are unhappy or not being treated as a friend. The small random acts of kindness that I have experienced, really brighten up the day and make you smile. These have been happening all over the school to all members of our community and I do hope they continue over a prolonged period of time. Thank you to everyone for getting so involved this week and making it such a special experience for the children.

We also enjoyed our illustrator and author, Liz Million, visiting from the UK. She certainly kept everyone entertained and has a certain humour only found in the north of England. The children have been used to some of this sort of humour from Mrs West who comes from the same area. We hope your children have been inspired and have come home excited about drawing and writing. I think the Parent Ambassadors, who also had a session with Liz on Thursday afternoon, will be able to share their experience with you and explain just how valuable these annual author visits from overseas really are. Next year, we will be enjoying a returning author, Adam Bushnell, due to his high popularity. We can look forward to that but for now enjoy a relaxing weekend before another busy but final week of this first half of term begins on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Nicholas West

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