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Principal Weekly Update 01/12/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer

  • Hieu-Truong-BVIS-Hanoi-Mark-Sayer
  • mua roi nuoc
  • le-trao-chung-chi-igcse
  • hoc-sinh-truong-quoc-te-bvis-hanoi-igcse
  • juilliard-visit-bvis-hanoi
  • toan canh toa nha tieu hoc

When one jumps out of an airplane with a parachute strapped to one’s back, one goes into freefall.  The speed can be intense.  What occurs is called ground rush; the ground appearing at a hurtling speed before the ripcord is pulled, the canopy opens and one begins to slow ones speed and float down.   The speed on approaching the ground can still be fairly quick, and one needs to learn how to land safely.

This term, with all of the activities on offer, the school can feel like it is in ground rush; so much to do and seemingly so little time.  There are a great number of events on both inside and outside of school, that showcase the excellent work of staff and students.  We want all parents to see just how much the children have grown and developed; how much they have responded to the interventions from staff; how much they have listened, acted on advice and grown in confidence.

The term is a very long one; students and staff are tired and well-deserve the holidays that will soon be upon us.  It is a time to reflect meaningfully about what has happened – the successes, failures, opportunities taken and missed.  This reflection is what leads to a growth mindset.  None of us ever think that we have got it all right, all of the time.  That pathway leads to self-delusion.  But honest reflection identifies areas for genuine, humble appreciation and gratitude – and growth.  These qualities could always be in greater demand: in every home, in every school, in every company.  They are universal. And for these we strive.

Mr. Mark Sayer


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