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Principal Weekly Update 17/03/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer

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  • A levels Conferrence

It is a pleasure to write these letters each week to parents informing you of what has been going on in school and the approach and plans we have for the continuing success of your children.

This week, I have shared the findings from the Parent Satisfaction Survey.  The results are extremely positive and are in almost every category stronger than the Nord Anglia Education global averages and are right up there with the best of the regional schools.  We are very proud of what the school continues to achieve and is now confirmed by parents feedback.  Thank you.  In due course, I will be further analysing the parent comments, not just the percentages, and issuing a summarized plan to address any issue that we feel needs attention, as indicated by you our parents.

This week, I want to draw attention to the Vietnamese teaching staff. I have passed comment on them before but the short article from Trang Hoang in Year 2 summarises the approach to teaching and learning that has developed in the school.  Trang has been attending the Nord Anglia Middle Leaders’ Programme.  Her passion for education and for the children is infectious and a brilliantly designed course is then more widely shared with other Vietnamese teaching staff.  I am so pleased that Trang is able to attend.  Ms Gen Close in Early Years has also attended as now are Mr Chris Dale and Mr Angus McKie from Secondary.  There will continue to be excellent opportunities for others as we go forward.

I have been able to see firsthand some of the first-class art work that is taking place in Primary.  What has amazed me is the level of reflection shown by the students.  Initial spidery drawings in a few weeks have become beautiful water-colours.  There will be more on this in due course for parents to enjoy, but I am so pleased about the commitment to excellence that the children are showing through fine observational techniques.

Lastly, I do extend a warm invitation to you for our A Level event at the Melia Hotel on Saturday 18th March. It promises to be an excellent occasion and one that will provide multi-agency support and information for enquiring parents and students.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Have an excellent weekend.

Mr. Mark Sayer - Principal

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