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Primary Weekly Update 31/03/2017 from Mr Nicholas West

  • hieu-pho-khoi-tieu-hoc-bvis-ha-noi
  • hoc-sinh-bvis-ha-noi-da-ngoai-ba-vi
  • hoc-sinh-bvis-hanoi-da-ngoai-ba-vi
  • hoc-sinh
  • hoc-sinh-khoi-trung-hoc-bvis-hanoi-da-ngoai-mai-chau
  • sport-day-2017

We love the final week of term. Not because we are about to enjoy a holiday, although this is always nice, but because we celebrate all the learning and achievements of the term gone by. The children have so much to celebrate, so many accomplishments made. We also recognise those who have attempted things for the first time, to be tried again and again until they are improved upon and become natural. This is their ambition and we are ambitious for them.

Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 are all learning beyond the classroom this week as they experienced their residential trips to La Ferme Du Colvert, Ba Vi and Mai Chau respectively. These are wonderful opportunities for children to gain independence and learn skills they would not develop in the classroom. Sometimes resilience and perseverance are strong qualities that develop best when you are challenged. These trips are extremely fun, safe, but also challenging. Even being away from home, for some, is a very big deal. Thank you to all the normal year group staff and extra adults who gave up their time to make these events so successful and memorable for all.

Our Prize Giving assembly always finishes the term on a high with some children recognised for outstanding contributions, academic and pastoral excellence but most importantly, we join together as a whole school. F1 to Year 6 enjoy pictures and videos from the term and we just have a good time together recognising the fantastic learning that takes place every single day in every single classroom, and as we have seen this week, beyond.

We have never seen the Secondary Sports Hall filled with such joy and laughter as was experienced on Tuesday afternoon for the EYFS family sports day. If you don’t believe me, have a look at some of the videos on Facebook and our portal, you will see the laughter on everyone’s faces. Children, parents, staff, extended family enjoyed trying out different sports together. The Tug of War was a firm favourite although I am glad Mr. Perry didn’t see some of the high heels trying to grip the shiny flooring. Thank you to all who came; it will last long in our memories.
Have a great few weeks ahead and we welcome all the children back on Monday 17th April for another term of exciting and purposeful learning.

Mr Nicholas West – Head of Primary

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