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Primary Weekly Update 21/04/2017 from Mr Nicholas West

  • nick west
  • di da ngoai ecopark|BVISHANOI
  • di da ngoai ecopark|BVISHANOI
  • di da ngoai ecopark|BVISHANOI

A warm welcome back to all our families this week as we all return well-rested and enthusiastic for the term ahead. We would also like to extend a welcome to almost twenty new children who joined us in Early Years and Primary this week.  We hope you are happy and have settled into the new routines. We will be holding a meeting for these parents on Monday 24th April, so we hope to see many of you in person then.

On Tuesday, it was wonderful to finally see Year 1 go on their much anticipated trip to Eco Park. Unfortunately, due to the wet weather this trip had been cancelled on two previous occasions so they were not going to allow a few showers to stop them this time. The excursion was linked to their International Primary Curriculum (IPC) topic of flowers and insects, so was based almost completely outside. All of the children and staff had an amazing time and were kept entertained during any showers by their adult group leader, be it a teacher, teaching assistant or support teacher reading a story to them. You can look at photographs of this and other parts of the trip on the class Facebook page. Thank you to all the staff and children who have persevered to make this trip a success.

As the school continues to grow and we have more children and families joining our unique bilingual and bicultural school, we are having to consider the play spaces and access to all our excellent facilities. As a result, this week we have started having different morning breaks for children in Years One, Two and Three and then in Years Four, Five and Six. This has really given more space in the canteen for the children to enjoy their snacks and more space in the outdoor areas and library for all the children, allowing them to all play even more safely with children of a similar age and size. These are aspects of schools parents probably don’t think about too much but we constantly strive to make every experience of your children an enjoyable and worthwhile one. It all adds to their happiness and well-being and therefore their success in their school life and beyond.

I wish you a happy weekend together.

Mr Nicholas West – Head of Primary

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