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Principal Weekly Update 28/04/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer

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This week we hosted Jane Larsson, the Executive Director of the Council of International Schools (CIS), who fortuitously was here on the same morning as our well attended Open Morning.  This meant that she was available to speak impartially to the gathered parents about the role of CIS in school development, about the Self-Study process that the British Vietnamese International School is engaged in and what it will achieve, and how the organization is there to support schools.  With over 730 schools worldwide, her experience is extensive and very welcome. 

She commented specifically on several areas: the timeliness of our involvement in this final stage of the process that began in May 2015 with the CIS membership visit; she was fascinated and very excited by the model of education that we have on offer and recognized its uniqueness.  We are genuinely an international school that fully supports the growth of mother tongue and culture for Vietnamese students with an international curriculum, a global outlook and international mindedness and excellent preparation for the next stages of a student’s educational journey.  The third area on which she commented was on the students themselves.  Jane visited all three sections of the school from Early Years to Secondary.  Her assessment?  “Inspirational!  Your students are phenomenal.  The spirit of collaboration runs high.  I can see why you are so happy at BVIS.”  This is praise indeed as her experience in international education is extensive and highly regarded.

It is purely coincidental that, for the remainder of this week, I shall be in Hong Kong attending a symposium on dual language and bilingualism at the Chinese International School here in Hong Kong.  All those years ago, this school was one of those visited and modelled as the early basis of the educational philosophy for BVIS schools in Vietnam.  I have been seeking for a while to attend this school and I am excited to be able to attend this symposium and to visit their school, to learn more from their experience and expertise, to compare and contrast what we currently do and to bring back the best of the ideas expressed to enhance the excellent provision that your children already receive at BVIS.  We are a reflective school, happy to take stock, consolidate, develop and then to move forward for the sake of our students.

We do wish you a very happy time on this national holiday weekend.

Mr. Mark Sayer - Principal

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