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Principal Weekly Update 19/05/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer

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  • gio-hoc-nhac-kich-bvishanoi|truong-quoc-te-da-cap-anh-viet-hanoi
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  • hoc-sinh-mam-non-truong-quoc-te-anh-viet-hanoi

It has been a couple of Fridays since I last wrote, having had to return to the UK to attend to the sensitive matter of a family bereavement.  It has certainly made me think about the value of family and the excellence of tender relationships between parents and children.  It is certainly true that here at the British Vietnamese International School that each and every student, your children, are of immense worth, or inestimable value.  We recognize this deeply within the walls of the school.  It is for this reason that there is such deep thought about all aspects of the school’s workings, throughout the delivery of the curriculum, in the pastoral care for each child and in the offering of all opportunities outside of the classroom, in terms of sports, performing and expressive arts, as well as in the trips, talks and the international events that are increasingly available to them.

For many years, the UK education system has had as one of its central messages ‘Every Child Matters’.  It informs planning, actions, future developments, the enhancing of life chances for each student, the communication with parents and the wider community.  It is the very bedrock of an outstanding school.  What is clear is how much this is now being understood and appreciated by students and parents alike.  Some exceptional work has taken place to engage ever further the support of parents in the Parent Teacher Groups in Primary and Secondary.  The levels of trust and commitment are ever-growing, as the effects of our approach have been consistently felt over these past four years and parents have been able to see the fruit of the care and dedication of high-quality staff in and out of the classroom. 

We are proud of how your children are developing personally, physically, intellectually and emotionally.  We do hope that you can see these delightful developments and cherish your children daily.

Have an excellent weekend.

Mr. Mark Sayer - Principal

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