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Secondary Weekly Update 23/06/2017 from Mr. Nick Lee

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  • Video - Bao Anh
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  • Prize-giving|BVISHANOI

So, we have come to the end of another wonderful year at BVIS. At the start of the year, I challenged the students to live the essence of BVIS; to be BRAVE in their learning, to be VERSATILE in their thinking, to be INSPIRING to themselves and each other, and to be SUPPORTIVE of one another.

I am continuously popping into lessons and I have been very impressed at the efforts our students have gone to, to try and live these challenges, day in day out.

This was no better seen than on our STEAM enrichment day last Friday. It was a wonderful day of enquiry-based learning based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Please see the article written by Mr Murray-Smith and Ms Corkery which goes into detail about this lovely day of learning.

This week we celebrated student achievement in our Annual Prize Giving Ceremony. We gave out tutor group awards, Subject Progress Awards, Subject Attainment Awards and Principal’s awards. We were very lucky to have, as our guest of honour, Ms Chau Nguyen, a social activist who founded Schools4 Kids and has crowdfunded money to build three schools for underprivileged communities in Northern Vietnam. She was an inspiring speaker whose message was of three parts; Be Curious, Be Creative and Be Kind. Thank you, Chau, for finding time in your busy schedule to come and talk to us.

The end of a school year in any international school is a sad time as we say goodbye to colleagues and students who are leaving to go to other countries. I would like to publicly thank Mr Wild, Mr O’Donnell, Ms Webb, Mr Chaddock, Mr Clarke and Mr Watts for their contributions to making BVIS the success it is. Mr O’Donnell and Mr Chaddock have been with the school for the four years that we have been opened. To all of them I wish them the very best of luck in their new ventures. All staff and students who leave us, still remain members of our community and are always welcome back to come and visit us.

Lastly, I wish you all a very safe and enjoyable summer holiday. I would like to thank all of you for the support you have given the school this year, and to me personally in my first year in Hanoi. It just remains for me to say good luck to Lan, Bao An, Minh and Sasu, our four UN ambassadors. The very best of luck with their trip to the UN in New York this summer. I know that they will do us proud. You can keep up to date with how they are getting on by going to the school’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Have a safe summer, and I look forward to meeting you all again in August.

Nick Lee

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