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Primary Weekly Update 22/09/2017 from Mr Nicholas West

  • hieu-pho-khoi-tieu-hoc-truong-quoc-te-anh-viet-hanoi
  • hoc-sinh-bvis-hanoi-lam-dong-ho
  • hoc-sinh-truong-quoc-te-anh-viet-hat-vi-hoa-binh
  • ngay-quoc-te-hoa-binh
  • hoi-dong-hoc-sinh-bvis-hanoi
  • hoc-dong-hoc-sinh-bvis-hanoi

Creative learning opportunities are given to the children.  We regularly promote and are proud of them. But what does creative learning mean and what does it look like?

It means children are given opportunities to learn in different ways, not having one fixed method to accomplish a task. This allows them to have many strategies and understanding of their best learning style so that they can be flexible learners in the future. In our ever changing world and apprehension as to what job opportunities will await your children after attending university, it is these skills of creation and self-knowledge, being mindful and flexible, that will add to their knowledge and make them successful leaders of the future.

It was witnessed this week in Miss Jessica’s class where the children were spotted outside with their sun dials. Sun dials are an ancient way of telling the time but so many skills are involved to use them accurately including telling the time, finding compass directions and scientific checking of their results. The children loved this indoor/outdoor learning and it is this creative learning that gives the children tools and skills for future learning, as well as the fun involved in their current learning. It is one aspect of education that makes BVIS Hanoi so special and unique.

Thinking about your children as future leaders in Vietnam may seem a long way off but we already equip them on a daily basis with the skills they will need to be successful. It may be taking responsibility for helping the teacher or organising a group of peers in their learning but children have the opportunity to lead. We also formalise this with many children as they take on higher profile roles within the school. This week, we elected fourteen new play leaders, 16 members of our school council, 4 house captains, 4 house vice-captains and 18 ambassadors. We will outline their roles and who they are in future issues but congratulations to all of our new and upcoming leaders.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Nicholas West

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