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Principal Weekly Update 22/09/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer

  • mark-sayer-hieu-truong-bvis-hanoi
  • Hoc-sinh-truong-quoc-te-anh-viet-ha-noi-hat-vi-ngay-quoc-te-hoa-binh
  • truong-quoc-te-anh-viet-ha-noi-hat-vi-ngay-quoc-te-hoa-binh
  • principal-open-forum-truong-quoc-te-bvis-hanoi
  • tro-chuyen-voi-hieu-truong-bvis-hanoi

This past week I was able to enjoy a very profitable meeting with parents.  As many of you will know, from reading the articles the school leadership team produce each week, we held the first of the Principal’s Open Forum sessions.  Parents were invited to send in topics they wished to discuss and receive answers on.  The session was extremely well attended with about 100 parents present, those new to the school as well as those who have been with us for a number of years.  Feedback was invited after each topic was discussed to ensure that all felt, as far as possible, that the matter was being significantly and purposefully dealt with.

I am enormously grateful to parents for their candid viewpoints.  It keeps us constantly thinking, reflecting and ensuring that our provision is as caring as it can be for the sake of the students’ needs.  Main topics, as ever, where issues relating to uniform, catering, buses, English language proficiency particularly amongst new starters in the school.   There will be a further opportunity later in the term, on 28th November, if parents would like to attend and raise their points.

In addition, with the parent information session meetings in Secondary next week this represents another opportunity for parents to learn more about what the school is doing.  These are a great occasion when new parents can hear from the relevant staff things of interest.  I hope that we will see a good turnout.

As we close this week, do look out for the film of over 800 singing today on World Peace Day 2017.  It was a truly memorable occasion and another wonderful occasion in which all the students of Secondary, Primary and the teaching staff joined together in a memorable rendition of One Day by Matisyuhu.  Do look out on our social media sites for the video in due course as we finalise the editing.  It was, as a one-off event, an opportunity for the support and admin staff to stop what they were doing to join in and experience the feel good element of such an event.  Sometimes, it is easy to miss a glorious moment because we think we are too busy.  I am glad that so many non-teaching staff were there to experience this magical moment. 

Next week, I will be travelling to Switzerland for the biennial NAE conference for school and central leadership teams.  I look forward to feeding back to parents from the mountains around Geneva.  In the meantime, I hope all have a very happy week.

Mr Mark Sayer - Principal

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