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Xích Lô Visit

  • hoc-sinh-mam-non-bvis-hanoi-di-xe-xich-lo
  • hoc-sinh-mam-non-bvis-hanoi-di-xe-xich-lo
  • hoc-sinh-mam-non-bvis-hanoi-di-xe-xich-lo

What an exciting time the F3 children had this week with a visit from a Xich Lo. This is all part of their new International Early Years Curriculum around the topic ‘Going Places’. The children have been exploring the different types of transport around Hanoi, making travel surveys and learning about how they move. They were fascinated with the Xich Lo and how they had to use their own ‘man power’ to make it move along even the teachers joined in with the fun.

The F3 children invited the F1 and F2 children into the playground as they did not want them to miss out. Everyone was interested to see that the Xich Lo had three wheels and not just two like the bicycles they had been looking at.

Look out for more travelling adventures that are coming up in F3 where they will be exploring and learning about trains, aeroplanes and fire engines.

Ms Julie Walton

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