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Gareth Owen

Gareth Owen|bvishanoi

Learning Support teacher

  • M.A in Special and Inclusive Education, University of Nottingham, UK

  • National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH), National College for School Leadership, UK Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Physical Education University of Wolverhampton, UK

  • BSc in Sport Studies, Wolverhampton University UK.

Originating from Cardiff in Wales, Gareth has spent his entire career working with students who find learning most challenging. Gareth joins BVIS after 4 years as the Co-ordinator of Special Educational Needs at an international school in South Korea. Prior to this, Gareth spent 9 years at a Special Needs school in the UK where he completed his NPQH and spent 3 years as Head Teacher.  Gareth is currently working on completing his Masters in Special Education from the University of Nottingham. Gareth often uses his extracurricular time to coach sports teams, such as volleyball, football, frisbee and cross country.

When not at work, he enjoys being physically active and watching sports. He has completed several half and full marathons and in 2015 successfully completed a half ironman in Wales. He also enjoys playing chess.

Gareth is very excited to be joining BVIS and he is looking forward to learning more about the cultures, people, and life of Hanoi.


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