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Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith

Head of PE

BA (Hons) Sport and Coaching Studies, Oxford Brookes University, UK

PGCE in Physical Education, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

After finishing her undergraduate degree, Alicia worked at a specialist sports college as a qualified swimming coach and within the PE department for two years.  She returned to University to complete her PGCE in Physical Education in 2012. Since then, she has been teaching in a Secondary School in Yorkshire where she has enjoyed delivering many varied aspects of PE and sport.  In addition to the taught curriculum, Alicia thoroughly enjoys coaching sports’ teams and running extra-curricular clubs, providing opportunities for students to develop and excel in a sport or activity they are passionate about.

Outside of school, Alicia likes to be active. Her main passion is football and played for York City Ladies Football Club for 5 years before moving to Vietnam.  Rock climbing, swimming and running are also great interests. In recent years, she has taken part in many runs, with her biggest and proudest achievement being the Yorkshire Marathon.

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