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BVIS Summer School 2017 from 26th of June to 14 of July 2017

Early-bird discounts of up to 30%

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A summer journey to greater bilingual success.

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a summer school on campus for three weeks from June 26 to July 14, 2017. The BVIS Summer School programme is designed to give children the opportunity to improve their English in a fun, caring, supportive and truly international learning environment. The lessons, activities and trips are all focused on giving students an experience of a lifetime, whilst growing in confidence, forming new friends and building relationships.

  • High standard of English course
  • Overseas qualified teachers from BIS and BVIS (members of Nord Anglia Education)
  • Dedicated and experienced team of Teaching Assistants
  • Outstanding campus and facilities
  • A wide range of Physical Education activities
  • Range of Specialist lessons
  • Develop leadership and teambuilding skills
  • Field trips
  • Healthy food and meals
  • Tuition Fee

    Type Full fees paid after 28th April 2017 (100%) 1st Early bird discount paid by 31st Jan 2017 + New admitted student AY17-18 (30%) 2nd Early bird discount paid by 28th Feb 2017 (20%) 3rd Early bird discount paid by 28th April 2017 (10%)
    A (2-5 yrs old)            19,000,000             13,300,000             15,200,000             17,100,000 
    B (KS1/6-7 yrs old)            22,500,000             15,750,000             18,000,000             20,250,000 
    C (KS2/8-10 yrs old)            22,500,000             15,750,000             18,000,000             20,250,000 
    D (KS3/11-13 yrs old)            22,500,000             15,750,000             18,000,000             20,250,000 
    E (KS3/14-18 yrs old)            22,500,000             15,750,000             18,000,000             20,250,000 
  • Summer School Brochure

  • Download Application Form