We are a high achieving school where everyone can feel at home.

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    Our teachers maintain the highest standards of a British education.

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    We are the heart of our community and a hub for many expatriate families living in Bangkok.

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    We provide an international education where every child will achieve highly.


    We welcome your application. Please contact us to discuss vacancies at our school.


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Welcome to St. Andrews International School Bangkok

We provide an inclusive, international education in a safe, happy, supportive and stimulating environment, where all the needs of the individual learner are met. We inspire our students to be the best they can be, and enable them to become responsible global citizens.

What Makes Our School Special?

The International School of Choice in Bangkok

At St. Andrews International School, every child benefits from an outstanding education. We combine the British curriculum with a global perspective to ensure students get a private school experience that sets them up for future success.

News & Events

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Global Campus Special Report

The Global Campus has been humming with activity in January and February. From the MIT STEAM Challenge to the Virtual Choir, students have put their imaginative and resourceful minds to use, working in teams to solve problems and make music.

US Universities

How to help your child get into a top US university

Applying to universities in the US has changed over the years. What used to be a competition of measurable grades and test scores is now an evaluation of transferable skills. Find out what American universities are seeking and what your child can do to stand out.


St. Andrews International School Bangkok students team up with UNICEF to promote Sustainable Development Goals

UNICEF has challenged students at St. Andrews International School Bangkok to raise awareness of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and to work with their local communities to create solutions for these global issues.

EVENT On 29th March

"Why won't my child listen to me?" ... an interactive workshop

The school counsellors would like to invite parents of Y5 to Y13 STA students to participate in an introductory level interactive communication workshop on 29 March 2017 at 8 am in the exam room.


“St. Andrews presents…” Showcase 2017 a spectacle of creativity and amazing performance work

After six long months in the making, it all came to a head on the evening of 8 March with what can only be described as a spectacle of creativity and amazing performance work. Last year saw the first ‘St Andrews presents…’ which set a bar so high for the quality and standard of work. That bar was definitely raised this year!!


Year 9 St Andrews International School Bangkok students attend 2017 FOBISIA Drama Festival

During the week-end of 3rd-5th March, a group of Year 9 students attended the 2017 FOBISIA Drama Festival. Over the course of 3 days our students had the fantastic opportunity to work and socialise with 200 other like-minded students who share their love of Drama.


St Andrews International School Bangkok students reflect on Tanzania expedition

The Tanzania Citizenship Expedition is a life changing experience and an opportunity for St. Andrews students to make a lasting impact on the local communities in Arusha, Tanzania. Upon returning from this highly rewarding programme of community service and educational experiences, our students were asked to reflect on their expedition.


St. Andrews International School Bangkok Partnership with Dyslexia Thailand

The Dyslexia Thailand Orton Gillingham (OG) Program is leading the way in education for students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences in the Asia Pacific region. We are the only organisation to embed a 100% dyslexic program in a main stream school setting, and we employ the only accredited Orton Gillingham teachers in Thailand.