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Staff Profiles: Christine Eichhoefer

Christine Eichhoefer

German Teacher

My teaching career began as a language assistant in Bristol, in the South West of England. I was so impressed by the English way of educating children that I knew this would be my profession. During the remaining years of my studies I was able to have teaching experiences also in Belgium and France. My first proper teaching job was in the North of England, in Carlisle, where I established a new German Department in Austin Friars School and saw it evolve into a flourishing department with students at GCSE and A-level (some of who have since gone on to study languages at Cambridge). My desire to broaden my career horizon then led me to Bahrain and Zambia, where I enjoyed some wonderful experiences, which initiated me into new, diverse and interesting cultures.  Following on from there I had the chance to teach in other interesting countries such as New Zealand, Qatar and China. Here again, I started the German Department in the Primary school from the beginning.

My biggest achievements are that firstly I have actually had all these wonderful and lifelong lasting experiences in all these countries - at times under very difficult circumstances, regarding mostly personal matters.

I regard it also as an achievement to have started and developed the department of  German from scratch in two schools in two different countries and last but certainly not least I regard it as an achievement to have been able to experience a variety of teaching styles due to the diversity of countries and schools in which I taught.

I chose St. Andrews in order to be back in the Far East again and to continue working in the international scene. One particular plus point, however, was the special needs provision here in St. Andrews, which in most other international schools where I worked did not exist.

Like many members of my family who work in many countries around the world, I regard myself as a lifelong learner who loves my job, which in fact is a vocation for me and not just a job. I like to be challenged with regards to working in different schools and countries amongst different nationalities thus, enhancing not only my teaching styles and techniques but also deepening the knowledge of the countries with all their different cultural aspects, languages, religions,  traditions.

My interests include learning languages, learning about other nationalities, reading, dancing and play-acting.

I like the warmth and friendliness amongst colleagues and students as well as the administrative and domestic staff. I like the fact that chances are given to teachers to develop their professional skills as well. I also think it is wonderful to have a school where children with special needs can find a home and the chance to be taught to the best of their abilities amongst children who do not have special needs.



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