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Staff Profiles: Urairat (Oat) Chinglek


Thai Teacher

BEd Secondary, Science-Physics – Chulalongkorn University

MEd Science Education, Science-Physics – Chulalongkorn University

MA Educational Leadership and Management – University of Warwick

Taught Physics and Science at Kularb Wattana School

Administrative Assistant at Bangkok Patana School

Taught Thai Language and Culture at St. Andrews International School (Sammakkee)

My formal education includes a bachelor’s degree in Science Education. I have two master’s degrees: a Master of Education in Educational Science and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management. My personal interest in the teaching profession is rooted in my desire to be involved in the improvement of others’ education and learning. I love to see my students learning with happiness and to feel like they would want to come to their lessons, eager to learn more. Recently, my achievements can include the Annual Internal Quality Assessment (IQA), where all of areas assessed (e.g. planning, teaching and teaching materials etc.), meet the target of ‘very good’.

St. Andrews is a unique school providing a warm environment to work in. The teaching staff is kind and open-minded. Also, the school gives us opportunities to get more experience and knowledge, both inside and outside the school. For instance, allowing us to participate in workshops and class observations. During the academic year, I mostly stay in BKK and enjoy participating in activities like other people, such as shopping, eating, watching movies or playing sports. During the long holidays I usually volunteer at a rural school in my hometown in Hua Hin. There I help teach basic English, provide scientific games and help collect books for donation, among other activities. Also, I prefer to participate in outdoor activities such as riding a bike around town, jogging, shooting, growing plants at home, hiking and travelling to countryside.

As I mentioned earlier, this school is a unique school that provides a warm environment for staff. One of school visions is to ensure that ‘every child matters’ and I am very pleased with this vision. It makes me want to teach here even more. The approach to teaching here includes the recognition that individual students have different learning styles. This also helps me adjust my teaching style to suit each individual student, which makes me become a more active and livelier teacher. Also, the students here show other people respect and are polite.

Overall, this school provided a family-like workplace where we can talk, share our own ideas and be ourselves.



Khru Oat is an awesome teacher. She teaches very well and it is easy to understand what she says as she explains very well. The class are fun as we play small games at times, which helps us understand really good.”

I think Khru Oat is one of the best Thai teachers I have ever learnt with. She is very fun and kind though she is strict sometimes. She entertains us while we are learning because she is not one of those boring and strict teachers. I hope I learn with her next year.”

Khru Oat are a wonderful teacher and very kind and nice. And you take good care of me, thank you.”


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