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Y.E.S. Project Fair makes a big profit

Thursday 7th December saw the atrium turned into a hive of activity as the Year 6 Y.E.S. project fair was open for business, selling a wide range of products designed and made by the students themselves.

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  • Yes Fair
  • Yes Fair
  • Yes Fair

Whether you needed a fragrant bath bomb for those long soaks during the winter nights, a little face cream to rehydrate during the colder months, a stress ball which, when purchased with another two, turned into a set of juggling balls or simply a photo frame, there was a product to suit every customer’s needs.

Over the past 7 weeks, the Year 6 students have been working hard to make products ready for the big sale. The event was very well attended with the Year 4 and 5 students ready to purchase all manner of products and parents equally supporting their children. Almost all groups had sold out in just 45 minutes. A special mention to the Pentalight group who managed to sell out in just 9 minutes and to the Splat team who generated the highest profit on the money they had borrowed from Ms Valko!

After counting all the money an enormous profit of 190, 615 HUF was made. This money will be donated to Budapest Bike Mafia, our partner charity in Year 6. They will be able to support many of the homeless living on the streets of Budapest during this especially cold time of the year. Many thanks to everyone involved, especially our customers, who helped to make this possible.

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