BISB fees reflect the premium academic, holistic, and personalised education we provide.
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Application Assessment Fee

A non-refundable Application Assessment Fee of 150,000 HUF  is required to be paid in full at the same time as you send / hand in your application.


Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of 430,000 HUF is required for all new starters once the admission is confirmed, and is payable within 8 days of receipt of the invoice.



A refundable deposit of 330,000 HUF is required for all new starters and will be invoiced to you together with your first tuition fee payment. The deposit is fully refundable when the student leaves the school without any interest on demand if all accounts have been settled in full, all school property returned without damage and required written notice has been submitted, as outlined in the application.


BISB Tuition Fees for 2024/25

The British International School Budapest tuition fees for 2024/25 represent the cost of tuition, text books and associated curricula materials. You have the option to either pay the annual fee in full, or in three installments (per Term). All amounts are in HUF.

Year Group Annual Fee
Early Years EY 1 4860000
EY 2 6300000
Primary Year 1 7290000
Year 2 7290000
Year 3 8430000
Year 4 8430000
Year 5 8430000
Year 6 8430000
Secondary Year 7 8550000
Year 8 8550000
Year 9 8550000
Year 10 8970000
Year 11 8970000
Year 12 9450000
Year 13 9450000


School Lunch

School lunch is optional, therefore it is not included in the tuition fees. All amounts are in HUF. You can choose whether to pay in full or in 3 installments. If you opt in to have lunch, most of our students do, the lunch fee will be invoiced to you together with the tuition fees.

Annual Fee Term 1 Term 2 Term 3


195,000 129,750 129,750



School uniform is compulsory. For information on how to order please look on our website under Our Uniform.


School Bus

The school works with and recommends the Junior Bus company. We ask that you contact them directly Junior Bus.


BISB Fees 2024-2025

Schedule of Fees 2024-25

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Year Group Chart

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We accept applications throughout the school year and encourage you to get in touch with us to start your admissions journey. Enquire today for more information and to schedule a visit to our campus.

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