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    We are new to Dubai but part of an established global network of international schools dedicated to helping every child thrive.

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    Your child will follow the English National Curriculum with a strong international emphasis and an unparalleled approach to languages.

  • Did you Know?

    At our school, your child will be offered language learning and support that is unparalleled by any other international school in Dubai.

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    Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced practitioners, chosen through a rigorous selection process.

    primary teacher helping year 3 students in maths class


NAS Dubai offer a wide range of languages to all students. Both as mother tongue and foreign language. We believe that multilingualism is a vital skill in the modern world and opens many doors for our students. Here we show some video testimonials from families at our sister school in Beijing highlighting how language tuition will work at our school.

  • German
  • French at NAS
  • Chinese at NAS

As an International school we recognise and value the benefits of multilingualism and multiculturalism. Moreover, research has demonstrated the vital role that a strong foundation in the native language plays both in learning another language as well in learning new skills and concepts through that language. At NAS Dubai, we offer Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish and German from Early Years.

By continuing to have opportunities to engage in a mother tongue, learners are able to build on the language skills they have already established and it facilitates the learning of additional languages.

Furthermore, it enables students to remain in touch with their culture and makes it possible for students to re-adjust to their home community and/or education system, should they return. Mother tongue and second language classes are taught during normal school hours. There is also an opportunity to study after school.


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