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The Village School Houston: Private Elementary School Curriculum

What Does Learning Look Like at the Elementary Level at Village?
What are our core beliefs on how kids learn?

We believe in educating the whole child at Village Elementary School. Students are most receptive to learning when they feel safe, secure, and happy. Because of this, we weave social/emotional learning into our academic and elective classes. We want students to be engaged in hands-on learning prompted by their own curiosity and interests. Therefore, we implement project based learning to allow inquiry-based instruction, collaboration, and engagement to naturally flow through the educational day. Lessons, assignments, and assessments are designed and adjusted to differentiate to each child’s level and needs. 

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Elementary Curriculum

In kindergarten through second grade, your child establishes a firm foundation in reading, phonics, spelling, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. In addition to core subjects, impactful instruction in art, music, technology integration, Spanish and French languages, and physical education enhance your child’s learning experience.

Each child is individually supported in Village’s learning community with relationships and resources that foster confidence, problem solving, creativity and a love of learning.
In Grades 3 and 4, your child receives instruction that provides the best preparation for their continued learning and growth. This includes departmentalizing the third and fourth grade classes which are taught by specialized teachers.  

English Language Arts

Phonics training begins in kindergarten, expanding during each academic year, with emphasis on building vocabulary, reading comprehension, analysis, and other higher-order thinking skills. In upper elementary, reading comprehension and literary analysis is emphasized using poetry, short stories, fiction, and nonfiction. Reading skills are further utilized across academic disciplines and reinforced in science and social studies classrooms, where students are encouraged to analyze, deduce, evaluate, formulate opinions, and make connections.

The reading/writing connection is emphasized and the themes used in reading are also covered in writing, thus allowing students the opportunity to write in different ways.
Learners are engaged with writing through the workshop method, where students are encouraged to write and think for themselves. Students learn the mechanics of writing—spelling, grammar, handwriting, and organization—as an integral part of both verbal and written communications. Being exposed to various writing styles through literary connections and classroom workshops, Village students engage in the writing process and take written pieces from draft to publication. 


Mathematics instruction is presented by a clear understanding of the mechanics of computation through the use of manipulatives to make concepts concrete. Critical thinking skills are an integral part of the process. We emphasize the importance of mathematics by focusing on problem solving and the development of higher-order critical thinking skills, through real world application.


Science is an integrated study of life science, Earth science and physical science. Students participate in a variety of hands-on labs and study topics in depth through Project-Based Learning units, which bridge the learning in science lab with classroom instruction.

Social Studies

Students learn world, American, and Texas history, geography and mapping skills. Much of the focus in social studies is expressed through hands-on activities and projects, films, video and field trips. Map-making techniques are integrated with physical and political geography, with the aim of helping students understand themselves and others in the world around them.

Spanish and French

Formal instruction provides students with the tools necessary to understand and converse in a second language.

Art Appreciation

We teach art appreciation as well as practical skills, such as lettering, poster making, balance, and design. Students are urged to examine their surroundings and notice differences, learn shading, drawing and perspective.


Younger Village students receive instruction in percussive arts, vocal music, and violin. And have the opportunity to pursue music through band, choir or orchestra. Band and orchestra are offered at both the beginning and advanced levels.


Students advance their technology skills in by collaborating using Google Classroom and advancing their learning of Digital Citizenship and computer science skills. Students celebrate Day of Code by spending time throughout the week focusing on computer programming using a variety of online tools to sharpen critical thinking skills.

Physical Education

Physical education through daily exercise, healthy competition, and student camaraderie are all important parts of the overall growth of our Village learners.  Students are educated and evaluated on skill development through fun and thoughtful skills and games. Each sports unit is completed with an exciting school-wide tournament, which encourages healthy competition. 

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