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At our private middle school in Houston, Texas, we base our curriculum around hands-on, collaborative experiences. We integrate math and science with the arts. We strive to learn from our global community to inspire and develop our students into the leaders of tomorrow.

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 The Village School Approach

At The Village School in Houston, Texas, our curriculum is based on hands-on, collaborative experiences designed to foster a curious mind and inspire creativity and enthusiasm. 

We believe education requires the latest technology in the classroom, even as we continue to emphasize our most basic, human needs: respect and community. 


The Village School Difference

The Village Middle School is a vibrant and inspiring place. We take great pride in our student diversity, lauded faculty, and rigorous academic offerings that bring out the best in our students.

Focusing on project-based learning and the use of technology, our courses balance practice and discipline with the development of key 21st century skills. We are student-centered and provide one-to-one access to Chromebooks and iPads. 

 Our students prepare for High School and beyond through the development of advanced mathematics, reading, and writing skills. They hone their abilities for research and learn to communicate effectively, collaborate genuinely, and think creatively and critically.

Electives allow students to broaden their horizons in areas such as public speaking, music and languages, robotics, and community service. Our award-winning teams—including Speech and Debate, Math and Science, and Scholastic Writing—are recognized at state and national levels.  

Our robotics and coding programs allow our students to explore and create, while our Capturing Kids Hearts program emphasizes a whole-child approach to education through character development, leadership, and shared responsibility. We care about who our students are and will help them discover and become who they want to be.


5th Grade Curriculum

Our 5th grade students begin their middle school journey with some of our most passionate and experienced teachers. Students join our house system with special colors, values, activities, and friends that will stay with them throughout their time at Village. 

Our core academic offerings include Language Arts; Matter and Space; general Mathematics and Pre-Algebra; History; and Spanish or French. 5th graders also spend a few weeks in each of several elective program at the middle school in order to introduce them to the fine arts, performing arts, and technology electives available to them in 6th grade. 

Some highlights of our year are the Greek Day festival and our end of the year class trip, which features hands-on learning experiences.


6th Grade Curriculum

6th grade is a year of new challenges and growth. Students continue their studies of literature, grammar, reading, and writing in Language Arts and also cover several levels in mathematics, from general math to Algebra I. Students study Medieval and Modern European History and have a special Renaissance Festival. In Science, they apply their scientific minds to the study of atoms, elements, bacteria, viruses, and animal diversity and can pitch creative scientific ideas.

Student may chose to take either Spanish or French. Electives include Band, Choir, Orchestra, Speech, Debate, Robotics, Drama, Art, Model UN, and many other offerings.

The 6th grade year will be developmental years for our students. During our physical education classes, grade 6 will develop athletic skills, build character, learn and promote healthy exercise, and learn how to operate and navigate team sports. This is our Focus on Athletics Track. In Focus on Athletics, our division will offer trimester-long classes in which students will focus on development of skills in a different set of sports. Weekly, the track will include two classes of general athletic development and two classes of sport-specific developmental drills.

The end-of-year trip is a fun-filled adventure where students bond through group challenges, outdoor sports, and games.

7th Grade Curriculum

In the 7th grade at Village, students continue to be engaged and challenged through exciting projects, national competitions, and deep critical thinking.

Students study Shakespeare and create and present books of poetry in Language Arts. History students study Early American History. The class trip to the Badlands of South Dakota align directly to the Geology and Westward Expansion in our science and history classes. Along with the Badlands, students see Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, and more.

Science classes focus on Density & Measurement, Earth & Geologic Changes, and Exploring the Universe. Mathematics courses range from Pre-Algebra to Geometry.

Student also take either Spanish or French. Electives include Band, Choir, Orchestra, Speech, Debate, Robotics, Drama, Art, Model UN, and many others. Students also compete in formal sports teams such as football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross-country, track, and lacrosse.


8th Grade Curriculum

8th grade is an important year of preparation for high school. Students gain more independence and personal responsibility for their work, and teachers put a greater emphasis on research, writing, and higher-level thinking skills.

Language Arts classes delve deeper into writing styles, word meaning, literature, and cross-curricular connections. History classes study Modern American History and finish the year with a trip to Washington DC to learn more about our nation’s government and its foundations. Math options include Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2, and Science integrates physics and chemistry into a fascinating study of the forces that affect our world. Student also take either Spanish or French. 

Students can compete in national and international competitions in Model UN, Speech and Debate, and Math and Science, among others. There are also a wide variety of electives available such as Band, Choir, Orchestra, Speech, Debate, Robotics, Drama, and Art. Students compete in formal sports teams such as football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross-country, track, lacrosse, and others.

World-class teachers and distinguished qualifications

We know every child is unique. Our teachers build up the individual strengths of your child, creating projects to help them achieve impressive qualifications so they can discover their pathway to the world's best colleges and universities.