• We are Unique

    An American school with an international community in Houston.

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  • We are Engaged

    Our teachers inspire, stimulate, and lead.

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  • We are STEAM

    Prepared to succeed in the finest colleges, universities and beyond.

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  • We are Champions

    Fostering a love of learning.

    We are Champions

  • We are Home

    A truly immersive learning experience.

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  • We are Competitive

    Building confidence, teamwork, and wellness

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  • We are Connected

    Striving to create, express, and shine.

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  • We are Village. Are you?

    Rigorous. Inspired. Innovative. Ready.

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Why Bilingual Education?

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A Better Brain

Students who learn a second language have increased academic ability. Bilingual individuals manage information more efficiently and perform better on standardized tests.

Greater Mobility

Access to better education and career opportunities. Being bilingual allows students to compete for jobs in a global marketplace. 

64% of business leaders speak at least one foreign language.

Problem Solvers

Bilingual students develop creativity, problem-solving skills and higher-order reasoning.

Establish Cultural Dialogue

Students who know a second language have increased self-esteem and develop empathy toward other people and cultures.

Language of the Future

French and English are the only languages that are taught in every country of the world. French, after English, is the second most widely learned language in the world.

750 million people will speak French by 2050.

Student-Centered Education

Learning a second language will improve the command of one’s native language. 

We are Village. Are You?

The Village School offers a French-English dual language program for three-year-olds through fourth graders. This program is designed to support the needs of French families wishing to continue native language instruction, as well as for American families seeking a bilingual learning environment for their English-speaking children. The curriculum for this program is a dual language version of our school’s existing rigorous and project-based learning curriculum. 

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