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Entrepreneurship Program with The Wharton School

Recognizing the need for a cutting edge, innovative, and rigorous education that prepares students with the critical thinking, professional, and leadership skills to create the jobs of tomorrow and navigate the business trends of an ever-changing, global economy, The Village School is proud to launch a unique certificate in Entrepreneurship with Bridges to Wealth at The Wharton School.


  • High school students presenting ideas for entrepreneurship program

Within the certificate, students can focus on one of two areas: Invention or Social Enterprise, taking coursework taught by leading industry professionals and entrepreneurs.  While both tracks expose students to the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, students in the Invention Track will focus on understanding "product-driven Entrepreneurship" -- learning how to apply Entrepreneurship concepts to quantitative data analysis, engineering, and STEAM. Students in the Social Enterprise Track will focus on understanding "process-driven Entrepreneurship" -- learning how to create, implement, and evaluate processes that drive social entrepreneurship.

An integral part of the Entrepreneurship Certificate is the "beyond the classroom" learning experiences that are student-centered and problem-based. Both tracks culminate in a Capstone Experience in which students work with non-profits or businesses to identify a community need. With mentorship from entrepreneurs and professors, students will research, create, execute, and evaluate a project that addresses that need. 

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