• We are Unique

    An American school with an international community in Houston.

    Happy child at play

  • We are Engaged

    Our teachers inspire, stimulate, and lead.

    Our teachers engage with our students

  • We are STEAM

    Prepared to succeed in the finest colleges, universities and beyond.

    Students in science class

  • We are Champions

    Fostering a love of learning.

    We are Champions

  • We are Home

    A truly immersive learning experience. Currently accepting boarding applications for the 2017-18 school year. Limited placements available.

    Village residential life students enjoy trips off campus

  • We are Competitive

    Building confidence, teamwork, and wellness

    Volleyball girls show team spirit

  • We are Connected

    Striving to create, express, and shine.

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  • We are Village. Are you?

    Rigorous. Inspired. Innovative. Ready.

    Happy Village student engaged

Hear Our Stories

  • Kaelin R.

    Kaelin R.

    Student Athlete

    Kaelin R.

    Sweat drips off his brow as he huddles with his team, relaying the next play from his coach to the young men beside him. CLAP and the huddle breaks as the players run to their positions, driving knuckles into the ground and grinding teeth into mouth guards. The quarterback releases the line as football helmets hit and the play is set in motion. 

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  • Ryan Q. Student Profile

    Ryan Q.

    National Merit Scholar

    Ryan Q.

    The sound of the commencement speaker drifted in the background as he thought about the last 13 years of his life. He looked around the room, everyone looked mature in their cap and gown. He felt a shift in the room as the ceremony came to a close. He stood with his classmates and friends as everyone cheered, laughed, hugged and cried. He took hold of the cap’s tassel and moved it across his face. “Congratulations Class of 2017,” echoed throughout the room. The next four years beckoned.

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  • Stay Tuned

    More Profiles to Come

    More Profiles to Come

    Our team is creating more profiles as we speak. Stay tuned to hear more stories from The Village School Vikings! 

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