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Week Beginning 24 April 2017


  • Thank you to the parents who came on our ‘Art in the Park’trip last week – all the children had a great time and were very creative.
  • As the weather changes and becomes warmer please do make sure your child has a named sunhat, and when appropriate apply sun cream before coming to school.
  • Please be reminded that it is very helpful for your child to have a spare set of clothes – underwear, socks, T-shirt and shorts/ dress. As the weather is warmer we are able to spend more time outside and enjoy the water and sand play.
  • The librarians are in school until 4:30 on Mondays and Tuesdays, if you want to come and borrow books, you can set up a family account.


The children love stories in all forms, listening to them, acting them out in the small world and telling them. Following on from our visit to the park using that experience we will be looking closely at characters and settings for a range of stories.


Story, setting, character


We will be listening to a range of stories and talking about the charcters we find in them: ‘goodies and baddies’, princesses, aliens, animals and people. We will also be thinking about all the different places that stories can be set from the park and other familiar places to the moon and spaces, fairy tale castles or under the sea!


Character, setting,  princess, prince, baddie, goodie, family, friends, real, imaginary (made up), setting,

where is it set? Who is in the story?


The children will continue to progress with their ‘Letters and Sounds’,  working with class teachers throughout the week to consolidate their phonic skills and learn new sounds as they are ready to move on. Please check your children’s phonics pack for new sounds, tricky words and common sight words to practise at home in line with their learning at school.


The childrens curiosity about measure is continuing and they are exploring measure using non standard units such as  blocks or steps and as they construct with the big blocks. We are encouraging exploration of capacity using contaners of various sizes in sensory, water and sand play.


How long/ short , measure, how many, long, longer longest, full, empty, half full, over flowing.


We will carry on our topic about Spring, focusing on the life circle fo caterpillar  in Mandarin. We are going to learn how a caterpillar grows into a butterfly.

SONG:  毛毛虫变成蝴蝶啦(maomaochong biancheng hudie la)The caterpillar turns into a Butterfly

STORY: 好饿的毛毛虫(hao e de maomaochong)The Very  Hungry Caterpillar

ACTIVITY:    做一个毛毛虫的生命周期图  (hua yifu maomaochong de shengming zhouqi tu )  make a life cycle picture.

KEY VOCABULARY: Caterpillar蝌蚪  (maomaochong)      Butterfly青蛙(hudie)    Cocoon腿(jian)

Review  the names of fruit.


Deze week verkennen we de kunst van de Nederlandse schilder Piet Mondriaan.  We gaan aan de slag met wit,r ood, geel en blauw .  We laten ons inspireren door zijn Broadway Boogie Woogie  en creëren onze eigen Shanghai Boogie Woogie



de vierkant, de rechthoek, strepen, de kunst, de kunstenaar, het vlak, de vorm, de plakband