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Week Beginning 8 May 2017


  • Sports Day: Monday 8 May – Nursery and Reception (9.00am-11.00am) in the Secondary sports hall.The children should arrive at school in their PE kit and house t-shirt. Please check with your class teacher if you are unsure which colour this should be. All children should come to school with sun cream on already and bring a water bottle, light healthy snacks and a sun hat.
  • Outside clothing : As the weather changes and becomes warmer please do make sure your child has a named sunhat, and when appropriate apply sun cream before coming to school. Please also send then with a light rain coat as we try to go outside everyday when it is light rain too.
  • Spare Clothes: Please be reminded that it is very helpful for your child to have a spare set of clothes – underwear, socks, T-shirt and shorts/ dress. As the weather is warmer we are able to spend more time outside and enjoy the water and sand play.


The Reception Cubs love to talk about themselves and what they can do. As we start to think about being ready for Year 1 and with so many of the Cubs having had a birthday already this year and being 5years old they have been talking even more about all the things they can do now they are so big! The Cubs are becoming more and more self aware and this week we will be encouraging them to co-operate with other people and teach their friends new skills as well as take pride in their achievements. We will of course be kicking this off with SPORTS DAY on Monday!

Each Class will also be following their other interests in class building on previous learning.


I can,  I can’t, I am good at…, I am not good at…  


The children will be supported to talk about their own abilities and the things they see others do well. They will use sentence starters such as ‘I can… He or She can…’and talk about themselves and each other in positive ways. Talk to your child about the things they are good at and the things they can do now that they could not do when they were a baby or when they started school.


I am good at… I can show you how,  Can you help me?


We will focus on doubles this week. Using songs and rhymes to learn about adding two of the same amount together.  We will use objects and Numicon and drawings to help us work out doubles problems. Will we find any number patterns?


Double, half, same, pattern, odd, even


We will talk about sports this week in Mandarin . We will be learning the names of sports we like to play or watch and that we are good at or need to practise.


健康操(jiankang cao)Warming up song


龟兔赛跑(guitusaipao)The race between the turtle and the rabbit


跳远(tiaoyuan)  long –jump, 滚轮胎(gun luntai)We will roll  tyre together outside.


跑步(paobu, running),跳远(tiaoyuan, long-jump), 丢沙包(diu shabao, throw the beanbag)


Deze week maken we kennis met `De appel van Margritte `, een grappig prentenboek over  het leven en werk van de grootste Belgische kunstenaar van de 20e eeuw.   René droomt van een leven als schilder. Hij wil een kunstenaar zijn die appels schildert, en hoeden... en zelfs 'appelhoeden'. In zijn schilderijen is alles mogelijk. Bomen worden lippen, een stokbrood wordt een neus, wolken drijven door de kamer. We maken wonderlijke collages in de stijl van Margritte waarin het onmogelijke mogelijk wordt.


het kunstwerk,  de kunstenaar, de bolhoed, echt, niet echt, dromen, wensen

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