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Week Beginning 9 January 2017

The first day back is Tuesday 10th January.


  • Raincoat and Cold Weather- Please ensure that your child brings a raincoat to school for the wet weather and a coat now that the tempature has dropped.
  • Swimming - Please be aware that the days are getting colder and wetter so please dress your child accordingly.  On swimming days girls may wear dark leggings and matching dark socks instead of tights to make it easier for them to get dressed.  A warm hat is also recommended.
  • Dress up day - As part of our theme, we will have a dress up day on the 12 January 2017. The theme for the first dress up day will be Superheroes.


In Literacy this week the children will be learning about fiction stories related to superheroes.  They will listen to and discuss and wide range of superhero stories, as well as participate in discussions about what is read to them.  They will sequence sentences to form narratives and begin to plan their own superhero stories. 


Fiction  superheroes, sequence, order, frist, next, then, last, adjectves, capital letters, full stop


This week in Themed Learning we will begin our new topic ‘All Dressed Up’. We will launch our topic with an exciting ‘Superheroes’ dress up day. The children will develop the skills of using different mediums such as pastels, chalks, crayons etc then use these mediums to design their own superhero outfit and cape. The children will also learn about goals and set themselves a goal for the term.


Pastels, chalks,  crayons, colour, blending,mixed and mediums


During our first week back we will be looking at place value with the children. We will be practising counting on from 0-100 and particularly at what happens to numbers when we cross the 100 barrier. We will also start to look at the value of digits within a number and whether it is a unit, ten or hundred. By the end of the week we will be able to explain how much numbers are worth.


Units, tens, hundreds, 1-digit,  2-digit, value, more, less


Our coding lessons continue this week as the children begin to be more competent in their use of basic coding structures. The children are now creating codes for more than one character at a time.


Computer, laptop, coding, Expresso, software, program, keyboard, mouse


This week we will be focusing on welcoming new arrivals  into our community. How we make others feel welcomed amd responsibilities we need to take in order to help others.


In the following couple of weeks, we will be reviewing sounds learnt from term 1. Children will working on apppling and using the sounds in speaking,  reading and writing.



Topic: Colours

Children will learn how to say the colours with sentence pattern ......是shi......色的sede。/......is….. (黄色 huangse/yellow;绿色 lü se/green;红色 hong se/red;蓝色 lan se/blue ) They will also learn to write the characters 红色hong se/red.

Home work: Worksheet


Topic: Colours

Children will learn how to say the colours with sentence pattern ......是shi......色的sede。/......is….. (黄色 huangse/yellow;绿色 lü se/green;红色 hong se/red;蓝色 lan se/blue )

Home work: Colour search 





We starten 2017 met een echte meidenfavoriet: ridders en prinsessen! Samen met ridder Florian duiken we de Middeleeuwen in en verdiepen we ons in het dagelijkse leven van ridders en prinsessen.  Doen prinssessen elke dag een lange  jurk aan?  Wat eten ridders en prinsessen?  Zijn er ook bange ridders?   We komen het allemaal te weten tijdens het thema `Ridders en prinsessen`.

De letter van de week is de `ei`