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Week Beginning 9 January 2017

The first day back is Tuesday 10th January.


  • We do our best to ensure the children’s hair is dried after swimming. To support us with this please can you make sure that your child brings a rubber swim hat. And a warm hat for outside play. Thank you for your continued support  with this.
  • Now the weather is beginning to get colder, please send your child with a coat and/or school fleece clearly labelled with their name.  Please do not send ‘hoodies’.  Children may also like to bring a hat to keep their head warm, especially after swimming.  


In Literacy this week, the children will be reviewing different types of poetry. This will build on their experience of calligrams and alliteration in Term 1. They will be consolidating their knowledge about rhyme and extending their experience further by looking at onomatopoeia in poetry and kennings. By the end of the week they will use their knowledge to create their own poetry to match famous pieces of art from round the world.


Alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyme, syllable, verse, kenning, calligram


This week we will be focusing on number in Maths. The children will re-visitr place value of numbers up to 1000, working on how to write them in numberals and in words. They will also be comparing and ordering numbers, including the use of the symbols < and >.  Within this unit of work they will also be  identifying, representing and estimating numbers using different representations. The children will be using this as a means to help them solve practical problems.


Place value, hundreds, tens, units, thousands, larger than, bigger than, smaller than, less than, order, represent, estimate, round


We are looking forward to a great term with a new topic, “Painting, Pictures and Photographs”. The children will be starting off with a small square of a famous painting. Their task will be to investigate the piece on its own and then put together the puzzle by finding other members of their team.  The children will then become the artists, drawing and painting their piece of the picture. Finally they will collaboratively put it together to create a montage of a famous painting.


Art, colour, shapes, lines, pattern, sketch, compare, contrast, montage, collaborative


In Digital Literacy we will start will searching safetly on the Internet. Over the following few weeks there will a more in depth look at how to search effectively for information, choose the best information to meet their research needs, and cut and paste this into their work.


Safe, search, search engine, protection


After a long Christmas break, the children will be getting stuck into developing their team work and collaboration skills agin through our group project Themed Learning.


Team work, collaboration, persevere, improve, resilent, encourage


Y3 C1

Topic: Lesson 4-Weather-Text 1

This week students will learn how to talk about weather in Shanghai

Homework: Poster of  shanghai weather

Y3 C2/C3

Topic:  Lesson 7-Family Memebers-Text 1

Student will be able to talk about  family members with others.

Homework: Family Tree






De komende weken werken de leerlingen aan een nieuw thema ‘Blijspel’. We kijken naar verschillende teksten en proberen die te herschrijven tot theaterstuk. De leerlingen werken van hun favorieten verhaal de verhaallijnen uit, maken een rolverdeling en zullen hun blijspel uiteindelijk opvoeren voor alle ouders.

Ook bereiden we ons voor op de Cito-toets die vanaf 13 februari zal worden afgenomen. We toetsen de onderdelen technisch en begrijpend lezen, woordenschat en spelling.


Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Caldwell

After the holidays, we will be talking about Christmas.  We will be describing what presents we got, learning the vocabulary for this, and describing the using our knowledge of adjectives and sentence construction.

There will be no homework this week due to the holidays. Joyeux Noël!

Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Martinez

 Next week we will be talking about our holidays in Spanish and learning vocabulary relating to travel.
There is no homework this week.

Year 3 / 4 French – Ms De Borger

After the holidays,  we will read ` Le navet enorme`, the French version of `The enormous turnip`.  We will create a Stop Motion remake of the story on the iPad, crafting the different scenes of the story and reading the story lines with our peers. 

There will be no homework this week due to the holidays. Joyeux Noël!

Year  3/ 4 Native French:  M. Valente

La première semaine de janvier, on travaillera sur les notions grammaticales de verbe et sujet et leur relation dans la phrase verbale.

Year  3/ 4 Native German:  Ms Brannasch

Diese Woche ging es feierlich, entspannt und vorweihnachtlich zu. Die Kinder haben neue Bücher für die Ferien ausgeliehen und haben Weihnachtskarten für die Eltern gebastelt. Toll wäre es, wenn die Kinder die Bücher in den Ferien lesen und dazu in ihren Lesetigerheften etwas malen oder schreiben würden. Es ist natürlich kein Muss, da sie zu allererst ihre Ferien genieβen sollen. Frohe Weihnachten und gesegnete Feiertage!

Year  3/ 4 Native Spanish:  Ms Garcia

La primera semana al volver de vacaciones, trabajaremos la estructura de la oración y las palabras con za, zo, zu, ce, ci. No hay deberes para vacaciones. !Pasad unas felices fiestas!